They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music

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Aleksander, an old gentleman, maintains a blooming garden surrounding his old house in a sleepy resort town. Karl, his grandson, spends the summer with him and learns about the ways of the nature.

Together with autumn rains arrives Aleksander’s daughter Marju, who hopes to inherit the old man’s house, tear it down and put up a guesthouse on the lot instead.

Aleksander – Evald Aavik
Karl – Oliver Linnas
Marju – Tiina Tauraite
Kryzsiek – Timur Ilikajev
Raimond – Taavi Tõnisson
Martin – Rain Simmul

Director: Janno Jürgens
Cinematographer: Mart Raun
Production designer: Eugen Tamberg
Editor: Martin Männik
Sound design: Indrek Soe
Music: Liisa Hirsch
Producer: Kristjan Pütsep

Technical data
Running time: 39 min
Format: Color 2,35:1 2K
Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital